Sunday, 4 August 2013

Can I Really Make Money In Forex?

The main answer im gonne give here is no. Unless you have a substantial amount to invest right off the bat. They claim you can turn 1.00$ into 2.00$ and 2.00$ into 4.00$ and so on. Don't fall for this garbage bag of lies. Read the disclaimers at the bottom and fully understand it. I have lost hundreds trying this approach. What they don't tell you is that you immediately start with a negative percent on you're trade to cover there cost I.e 3 PIPs. So pretty Much everytime you start a trade it has to go the other way enough to cover the brokers cost (usually called a spred) and still be able to turn you a profit. I have tried this countless times and it does not work
Don't get me wrong there are some who.make serious money with forex, but they usually start with some serious money.
I'll post more about this later.


Johny Depp said...

Can earning money online be a alternative to real time job if yes how ??

Johnny Depp

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Kyle Rose said...

Yes it definitely can be its just takes a lot of hard work. there are many avenues you can take to make money online, but it all depends on how much time your willing to invest in it there is no such thing as a site you can put up overnight and will immediately have 10000 views a day it takes time. right now I am looking around a site am called click bank and looking at the potential opportunity there for making money and I will post an article shortly reviewing it.

Best wishes & success.

Adnan Ahmed said...

nice tips about earning money..thanks for sharing

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